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Play Vegas-style Pai Gow Poker on the go!

Play Pai Gow Poker casino game against the dealer.

Pai Gow Poker is played with a standard 52-card deck plus one Joker. The joker is wild and can be used as an Ace, to complete a straight, or any flush.

The game starts with seven cards dealt to each player. The object of the game is to divide those cards into two hands, 5-card high hand and 2-card low hand. High hand must outrank the low hand, or else it’s a foul hand and automatic lose. The player wins if both hands are ranked higher than dealer’s hands. The player loses if both hands are ranked lower than dealer’s hands. If player wins only one hand (high or low), it’s a push or a tie, and the bet is neither won or lost.

How to play Ace Pai Gow Poker:

  1. To change bet size, tap ‘-‘ or ‘+’.
  2. To bet, tap inside the ‘Bet’ circle. Minimum main bet is 5.
  3. You can optionally bet ‘Insurance’ and/or ‘Bonus’ bets as well. Minimum side bet is 1.
  4. To unbet, tap below outside the betting area.
  5. Tap Deal/Rebet to deal seven cards to yourself and to the dealer.
  6. Tap two cards to set the low-hand. Or tap ‘House Way’ to see how the dealer would play your hand.
  7. Tap the Split button.

To change card back, tap dealer’s face down cards (before showdown).
To change card front, tap your face up cards.


  • Auto Play
  • Auto Stop
  • Insurance side bet
  • Bonus side bet
  • Auto Sort option
  • Auto House Way option
  • Real-time global statistics
  • Real-time auto play statistics
  • Variable game speeds
  • Sound On/Off
  • Free Bonus Credits!

A2345 is the 2nd highest straight. For example, A2345 will lose to AKQJT but it will win againt KQJT9.

The dealer wins all tie hands. For example, if a player and the dealer have t Ace-King for the low-hand, dealer would win the low-hand.

All hands are completely random.

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This app is for entertainment purposes only. The game credits have no real money value. The developer of this app takes no responsibility or liability with regards to the legal requirements to use this app in the relevant jurisdiction the player resides. The use of this app is the sole responsibility of the player.

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